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Your Advocate In A System Stacked Against The Accused

The criminal justice system holds citizens accountable for breaking laws, but someone has to hold the system accountable. I love the Constitution and I believe that the people in positions of power who have the guns and the badges should be kept in check.

I am Lyndsay DeMatteo, a Sioux Falls criminal defense lawyer with a passion for helping people who are facing what may be the toughest time of their lives. I have devoted my practice, DeMatteo Law Firm, Prof. L.L.C.., to protecting the rights of the accused and advocating for parents in abuse and neglect cases.

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I Welcome The Tough Cases

I have handled thousands of cases in 17 years of criminal law practice, including high-stakes felonies such as murder, manslaughter, rape and drug trafficking. I have represented people who were innocent or overcharged. I have defended people who never should have been arrested or prosecuted because police made mistakes or trampled on their rights.

I do enjoy going to trial and I have won some big victories in court, but it’s your life on the line. I look at every case like a puzzle and explore every opportunity to get the charges dismissed or put my clients in a strong negotiating position. When a trial offers the best chance or the only hope of a favorable outcome, I am a battle-tested litigator.

Compassion, Integrity And Value

I truly talk to clients as I would with my own brother or sister. I will be very direct and honest about your situation – what you need to hear rather than what you want to hear – so that you know where you stand and can make informed decisions at each stage of the legal process.

I understand that you are scared and stressed, and that the cost of hiring a lawyer adds to your anxieties. I strive to provide a quality defense at affordable rates so that you are getting value when you choose DeMatteo Law Firm.

Your Advocate In Southeast South Dakota

I provide a free initial consultation to discuss the charges you face and how my experience can make a difference. I practice in the criminal courts of Minnehaha County, as well as McCook, Lake, Davison, Brookings and surrounding counties.

Call me today at 605-607-5171 or reach out by email to give me a few details.