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Criminal Defense Is All I Do

I am attorney Lyndsay DeMatteo. I have a passion for helping people and nobody needs help more than a person accused of a serious crime. Whether it’s your first arrest or you’ve been in trouble before, it’s a scary and stressful ordeal.

My practice is devoted to criminal law. For the past 17 years, I have been defending the accused in Sioux Falls and surrounding South Dakota in just about every type of criminal case, from misdemeanor offenses to violent felony crimes:

An Experienced Trial Lawyer Fighting For You

I look at every case like a puzzle. I’ve had murders and other big cases where I was able to “Perry Mason” the police and prosecutors at trial to spare my client from a conviction. I do enjoy going to trial, but I’m not reckless about it. I will pursue a plea deal when it’s in my client’s best interests, but if taking your case to a jury offers the best opportunity I am ready for it. In every facet of your case – bond hearings, discovery, motions, trial – I am fighting for your rights, your freedom and your future.

Are You Under Investigation?

You may find yourself in a situation where you haven’t been charged with a crime yet, but you’re being contacted by various law enforcement agencies and detectives who want to sit down and “hear your side of the story.” Whether you hire DeMatteo Law Firm or someone else, you do not want to go up against trained law enforcement interrogators without consulting with legal counsel first.

The goal in this situation is for your attorney to act as an intermediary between you and law enforcement and to reduce as much stress on you and your family while the investigation plays out. That’s part of my job – to take the heat off you and direct it at me.

I Also Take Child Abuse And Neglect Cases

I have years of experience with abuse, neglect and termination of parental rights by Social Services/Child Protective Services. These are civil actions and not criminal, but for many parents, their custodial and parental rights are even more important than their own liberty. From hundreds of these cases, I know how to defend against removal or help you convince “the system” to give you back your kids.

I Will Defend You Like Family

I truly talk to my clients as if they were my own brother or sister. You can count on me to be bluntly honest about what you’re dealing with and where you stand. I want my client to be the most educated person in the room about their situation. And I want them to know that I will fiercely defend them to the very best of my ability.

Call the DeMatteo Law Firm in Sioux Falls at 605-607-5171 to arrange a free initial 30-minute consultation, or contact me online.